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Colorado Composers Concert


The Colorado Composers Concert returns to Denver this April. In its eighth performance, the CoCoCo is hosted by Music at Metro State. This concert is the highlight of the season for the Playground Ensemble as it affords an opportunity to serve those writing music in this region.

CoCoCo 8 includes the performances of:

"The Banality of Emptiness," by Henry Chen
"Airs No Oceans Keep." by Bryan Christian
"Solstice," by Nathan Cornelius
"Nepenthe," by Sara Corry
"The Charge of the Light Brigade," by Wes Devore
"String Quartet," by Tyler Harrison
"The Path to Blindness," by Hugh Lobel
"Look Again," by Jessica Mays
"Bordoncello," by Loretta Notareschi

For a closer look at the whole process, be sure to join us for a Preconcert Composer Discussion featuring Loretta, Jessica, and Bryan.

The 8th Annual Colorado Composers Concert Details:

Saturday, April 26, 2014
King Center Concert Hall of the Auraria Campus in Denver
06:30p - Preconcert Composer Discussion
07:30p - CoCoCo8 Commences

For more information including tickets and addresses:

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Colorado Creative Industries!!!!

The Playground was just awarded its first ever Colorado Creative Industries Grant!!
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